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Accounts of Materials Research (AMR)

Accounts of Materials Research (AMR) was launched in October 2020, which is jointly published by the American Chemical Society (ACS) and ShanghaiTech University. Prof. Huang is the Editor-in-Chief of AMR.


AMR mainly publishes concise personal reviews and perspectives describing recent research developments in all aspects of materials science and engineering. An Account uses results previously published by the authors to teach readers new insights and thinking in an area of materials research. Each Account is directed not only to specialists in the field, but also to a broad range of scientists who wish to keep abreast of the best current research in fields other than their own. Readability by the non-expert is therefore essential.

In addition, Accounts of Materials Research publishes front matter pieces addressing the broader societal impacts of materials research and development. Most manuscripts are submitted after invitation by the Editor-in-Chief, but unsolicited proposals, which may result in an invitation to submit a manuscript, are also considered.


Up until now, AMR has published more than 100 reviews and opinion articles, with a total of more than 200,000 readings. Besides, AMR was supported by the High-Starting-Point New Publication Project of the China Science and Technology Excellence Action Plan and was included in ESCI in May 2021.

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