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Opening ceremony! Westlake University welcomes sixth cohort of doctoral students

August 2022

On Aug. 21, we officially welcome 352 new doctoral students to the community. Among them, 5 students are the first cohort in Jiaxing Huang Group! They are Yiming Sun, Kan Liu, Shengnan Xu, Sijie Zhang and Jingyi Li (first row, from left to right).

Welcome Tian

August 2022

Ms. Tian Gao joins Jiaxing Huang Group as an administrative assistant. Welcome!

Welcome Mingtao

August 2022

Dr. Mingtao Chen from University of Pennsylvania joins Jiaxing Huang Group as a research associate professor. Welcome!

Welcome Shengnan

March 2022

Shengnan Xu joins Jiaxing Huang Group as a research assistant. Welcome!

Welcome Pengyu

February 2022

Dr. Pengyu Chen joins Jiaxing Huang Group as a postdoctoral researcher. Welcome!

New year's greeting from Westlake

December 2021

Our lab members are in the video, too. A fun experience!

Click here to see the whole video! (你好,2022 | 每一次结束,都是为了更好的开始)

A joint virtual presentation at the 6th “Go to GO Symposium”

December 2021

Two brilliant students Zhizhi Kong (currently @Berkeley) and Haiyue Huang gave a joint virtual presentation with Jiaxing on fluorescence quenching microscopy. What a fun experience! Many thanks for making slides and preparing for the presentation over the holiday/weekend break.

Click here to see the PPT slides (FQM_GO6).

A fun discussion with Westlake graduate students about why we publish

November 2021

Why we publish_edited.jpg

A sneakpeak of Yungu campus

November 2021

Welcome Jingyi and Yiming

October 2021

Jingyi Li and Yiming Sun join the new Huang group at Westlake as visiting students. Welcome!

Westlake International Symposium in Engineering (WISE) 2021

October 2021

A new start

October 2021

Haiyue Huang and Kan Liu join the new Huang group at Westlake as visiting students. Drs. Hun Park and Pan He rejoin the group as postdocs. And we are grateful to Prof. Stan Li, who shared his administrative assistant Yimeng Zhang with us. Welcome everyone!

News from the Europe

September 2021

Jiaxing is elected into the European Academy of Sciences and Arts. Deeply humbled and thanks!

Prof. Jun Gao's visit

September 2021

Former postdoc Jun Gao, currently a professor in Qingdao Insititute of Bioenergy & Bioprocess Technology visited us and shared his exciting new research results in nanofluidic systems and his career stories with SoE PIs. Very proud of you!

New lab design completed

September 2021

The new lab design at the stunning Yungu campus is completed after a few exhaustive days. Off to the construction team! Looking forward to a bigger and safer lab with many chemical fume hoods!

From one lake to another

August 2021

Prof. Jiaxing Huang is now a Chair Professor of Materials at Westlake University, a new private research university located in the city of Hangzhou, China. He is still connected to the Northwestern University community through a position of Adjunct Professor of Materials Science and Engineering.

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